“We’re Riding the Bus to Flavortown”

Santo Spirits, a tequila brand made notable by Guy Fieri, has launch a tokenized loyalty reward offering.
June 30, 2023
Photo by Alena Plotnikova on Unsplash

Tokenized loyalty continues to be all the rage!

Guy Fieri is an absolute legend. I’m not sure about the tequila, as I’ve never tried it, but Mr. Fieri is an electric personality. On top of his contribution to many repeatable quotes of my youth, he’s now entering the world of web3 through his tequila venture.

Alongside Sammy Hagar, Santo Spirits announced the launch of an NFT loyalty program — Santo Spirits Club.

Based on publicly available information, here’s what we know:

  • From my experimentation, it doesn’t seem membership is tokenized — rather rewards will be
  • Every person (21+) that signs up receives a free mystery token, while the first 1000 signups received two (given I just signed up and did not receive a second, they’ve already passed 1000 sign ups)
  • Wallet is abstracted away — no need to understand how to use a wallet, simply use your email
  • Potential rewards include: virtual tasting, autographs, guitars, product access, and more
  • Built by Trident3 using the NEAR blockchain protocol

It’s a pretty simple UX/UI. I found it quite easy to sign up.

I like how they’re pairing the launch of the program (the reveal of your mystery tokens) with the launch of a physial product — their Anejo launch. That’s a cool application of tying this back to core business.

On a technology note, another tick for NEAR in the tokenized loyalty realm, following an announcement with Group Nutresa.

Overall, pretty cool — will report back once it officially launches on the user experience and the rewards!


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