APAC Web3: Where to Start

Trying to figure out web3 in Asia? Here are two suggestions to get started and launch your connections in the region.
August 2, 2023
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Over the past few months, with the shift of focus in the web3 world from the United States to elsewhere, I’ve had numerous people reach out to me about getting their network going in Asia.

If you find yourself in that camp or are just generally curious about where to spend your time, this post is for you!

Now, I know that people have opposing opinions on whether conferences are actually beneficial or not. Do you need to go to every conference? Probably not. Should you go to a few key ones? I think you should.

So then — what are the conferences you should be going to in APAC? At the very least, I believe there are two:

Korea Blockchain Week (KBW)

Bringing together some of the brightest minds in the space, from both Asia and abroad, KBW is one of my two recommendations.

This year’s speakers include leaders from Circle, BitGo, Polygon, Chainlink, Animoca Brands, NEAR, Aptos, Immutable, Ledger, a16z, Magic, Yuga Labs, Fireblocks, and many more.

Happening in the first week of September in Seoul, both the conference and the many side events will be can’t miss action in the world of web3.


Similarly, TOKEN2049 brings an equally star-studded cast from both Asia and abroad. This is my second recommendation.

This year’s speakers include leaders from OKX, Ripple, Animoca Brands, Circle, Polygon, Gemini, Axie Infinity, Uniswap, Nansen, Binance, Consensys, Yuga Labs, and many more. In addition, there are leaders from non-web3-native companies like Franklin Templeton, CME Group, and Goldman Sachs.

Happening in the second week of September in Singapore, this is historically the premier event of Asia. It also falls the same week of the F1 in Singapore and is quite the spectacle.

There are a plethora of great events (WebX Tokyo, CoinFest Bali, etc.) across Asia Pacific — it’s a huge area to cover with awesome conferences in Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, etc. However, if you had to focus on only two — I would recommend these two for now.

Come check out the new region for web3 — make a trip out of it and stop over in Hong Kong in between!


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