Shifting the Web3 Narrative

Let’s make web3 more human.
January 17, 2024

Web3 is confusing.

If you work in crypto/web3, there’s a small chance you don’t agree; but — the majority of the world is confused. We need to shift the narrative.

In crypto/web3/blockchain circles, people will always talk about the tech — and I think that’s what will push technological innovation forward, it’s a good thing. Conversations around scaling Ethereum, ZKPs, DIDs & VCs, etc. are all incredibly important topics; however, not for everyone!

As an analogy — the printing press is widely considered the most important innovation in world history. But, I don’t think everyday users cared how it worked (nor should they). Rather, they probably cared that information could now be widely spread, people could read just about anything, and people could learn. That was the human element of the innovation — that’s the value. The printing press merely was a tool (albeit a very powerful one) to provide that human value.

In the bigger picture outside of our web3/crypto circles — we need to talk about the human element. What makes web3 and it’s associated technologies better to the everyday person? Is it horizontal scalability? Is it tamper-evident ledgers? Is it zero-knowledge proofs?

No. No, it’s not.

Rather, it’s the value that it brings to real human beings.

  • For the migrant worker — it could be fast, cheap, reliable cross-border payments back to their families. It’s not cryptocurrencies, blockchain, wallets.
  • For the unbanked — it could simply be affordable access to financial services. It’s not DeFi, stablecoins, wallets.
  • For the everyday consumer — it could be seamlessly using your favorite brand’s loyalty points for redemptions at your other favorite brands. It’s not NFTs, blockchain, wallets.

This is an incredibly small subset of examples, but hopefully you get the point. Blockchain/web3/crypto are not going to save the world simply by telling someone it’s better because it’s blockchain/web3/crypto. The technology is a tool (albeit a very powerful one).

Very simply:

  1. Focus on the actual human being.
  2. Design experiences, products, and services around human value.
  3. Communicate the human value — not the technology.
  4. Let the technology do what we all know it can do, but without all the noise.

I believe the market has matured over the past down-market, but the overall web3/crypto space still has room to improve.

I’m looking forward to what products & services come out in the next 12–18 months!


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